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Meet Our Gallery Artists

Featured Artist


Beth Pite


Resident Artists

Catherine Elliott

Simsbury, Connecticut's very own Catherine M. Elliott, is a contemporary artist and teacher whose work is evocative of the American Impressionistic Style of painting. Her work explores atmospheric and lighting conditions portraying the subject's quality. Catherine strives to capture a moment of time and place by use of color and form for the purpose of inviting the viewer to intimately see the sublime.

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Deborah Leonard

Deborah Leonard is a fine artist and teacher in West Simsbury, CT.  Deborah enjoys painting en plain air as well as in her studio.  Her subject matter varies from impressionistic landscapes to still life to abstracts.  She works in acrylic and watercolor.

Artist Statement:  My love of nature through observation and academic study has a strong influence on my painting.  I find enjoyment, interest, and beauty in my surroundings wherever I may be...I prefer to emphasize the simple elegance of a single tree or even a part of one...In my work I try to capture light and presence.  I strive to record the feel of a place or time.

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Vicente' Garcia

Artist's Statement:  The essence of my art deals with the use of clay and steel to create sculptural forms and vessels.  I am attracted to the precision of man and machine made steel objects and the manner in which clay can be manipulated to simulate such forms. This process, combined with the experimentation of various finishes and steel and clay combinations, are factors that I investigate.  

I've been creating with clay and steel for the past thirty-eight years. 

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Stephanie Molnar

Stephanie Molnar is a business-woman turned artist, based in Connecticut.  Her art deals with all the simple joys and beauties of life that we often misroute on in the hustle and bustle of corporate America.  

As a child Stephanie was the one who spent hours on a drawing or designing the art in a doll house.  She was educated in art and interior design, which in may ways started and propelled her advertising and marketing career.  After decades in the business world, she found herself serendipitously painting again, originally to provide art for the homes of people she loves.  This led her to the decision to reinvent herself and get back to her original life passion of art as her full time journey.

Stephanie has a great passion for painting, especially using rich colors and numerous textures with scrapes, glazes, drips, and thick bold juicy strokes with a palette knife.  She is on a constant quest to learn new techniques and take painting risks.  Her dream is to create paintings that ultimately take your breath away.

Beth Pite

Beth's paintings are about capturing the essence of something., rather than an exact likeness. She takes photos to help soak up a sense of the place and recall what was exciting about it, whether it be local scenes or travels to Europe, Asia and Latin America.  Then Beth uses energetic strokes of expressive color to set a mood.  Her paintings are deliberately interpretive, rather than strictly realistic. to create a more intriguing version of reality.  Beth wants to show how it felt to see what she saw, so the viewers can enjoy an emotional reaction to the scene.

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Lori Rembetski

Lori Rembetski fell in love with clay when she was sixteen.  She prefers hand building to throwing on the wheel.  The irregularities created on a slab, coiled or pinched surface influence her work.

Lori starts with an idea of what to create, but never knows exactly how the finished piece will look.  She observes how the light falls on the surface of the clay.  A lump in one spot often suggests a dog nose and from there a face emerges. Lori has always loved art that has a sense of humor and has always enjoyed 

observing the behavior of dogs as expressed through body language.

Lori lives with her husband and rescue dog in New London, CT.


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Rita Bond

Originally from Brooklyn, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey, Rita Bond is a longtime resident of Simsbury, Connecticut. She holds a Master's Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in English.  Rita studied landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden, and has her own business as a landscape designer, consultant and lecturer.  She resumed her studies in art, and particularly in color, in order to refine her skills as a landscape designer.  As she progressed in her studies, she found a new voice for expressing her creativity.

While an undergrad at Boston University, Rita studied drawing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and after raising a family, continued her art studies at the West Hartford Art League under Frank Frederico and Ilona Levitz.  She has also studied with Eric Aho (Vermont) and Camille Przwodek (Cape Cod School of Art), and William Simpson (CT). She is an associate member of Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of West Hartford Art League and the Avon Art Association.

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